October 9, 2012


Meet Courtney--and Our New Small Business Outreach Project!

 Small Business Majority

CDF-Texas is pleased to partner with Small Business Majority in this effort--supported by Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

We are also a proud lead member of the Texas Well and Healthy Campaign.

Editor's note: CDF–Texas is proud to announce our new Business Leadership and Action project, led by Healthcare Organizer Courtney Watson.

Courtney is a small business owner and an organizer with over 12 years experience. She has worked with non-profits on community campaigns with a special focus on healthcare.  Her goal in leading CDF's new small business outreach project is to educate employers across Texas about the Affordable Care Act and how it will improve not only their bottom line, but the health of their workers and wellbeing of their workers' dependents.

When parents and communities are healthy, children’s health improves. Our aim is to provide small business leaders the information they need to help them make decisions that will enhance their business goals and help them to advocate for improved business-centered policies in the health reform law.

As you may or may not already know, small businesses account for the majority of employers in the State of Texas and are a driving force behind our economy.  In fact there are more than 2.2 million small businesses in Texas, and small firms make up more than 98% of our state’s employers.

If you are connected with a business group or a small business owner who may benefit from more details on what the ACA means for them and/or how they can join us in advocating for better healthcare in Texas, you can email Courtney or call 512.788.1301. 

It is important that our small business community knows and understands the changes regarding our healthcare laws and how their businesses might be affected.  We welcome all who are interested to get involved and to invite Courtney out to give a presentation to your company, business group, young professionals chapter, or rotary club.

Cross-posted on the Texas Treatment Blog in collaboration with Texas Well and Healthy to engage small businesses in understanding what’s in the ACA and moving successful implementation forward in Texas.

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