Latest News on Children's Issues

Houston Schools Ban Suspensions in Early Grades
February 12, 2016, Texas Observer

Child advocacy group calls for state to increase funding for pre-k
September 23, 2014, Austin American Statesman

How to Get Kids to Class
August 25, 2014, New York Times

CHIP merits support
August 22, 2014, Houston Chronicle

Uninsured residents in Texas counties
April 17, 2013, Houston Chronicle

Insurers Join Former Adversaries to Publicize Health Law
November 29, 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek

Why Texans need more Medicaid
August 4, 2012, Austin American-Statesman

Janek, former senator, tapped to head health, human services agency
July 31, 2012, Austin American-Statesman

Falkenberg: Answering special needs, one kid at a time
July 30, 2012, Houston Chronicle

TJJD Doing Blanket Review of Youths in Facilities
July 26, 2012, The Texas Tribune

Officials: Violent youth offenders to get boot now
July 18, 2012, Austin American-Statesman

ChildSafe: Restoring hope and trust after trauma
July 17, 2012, San Antonio Express-News

Healthcare debate in Texas is based on politics, ideology
July 15, 2012, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Scout project tackles youth illiteracy
July 11, 2012, San Antonio Express-News

Houston ISD board to consider 2012-2013 budget
July 11, 2012, Ultimate Memorial

Texas docs cut back on poor patients
July 9, 2012, Amarillo Globe-News

Fed agency ranks Texas at bottom for health care
July 5, 2012, Midland Reporter-Telegram

Dunkelburg: Barring issues, expect wider, fairer coverage
July 4, 2012, Austin American-Statesman

PSJA to be featured on PBS NewsHour tonight
July 4, 2012, Rio Grande Guardian

Experts: Encourage children to be physically active this summer
July 3, 2012, Alice Echo-News Journal

Littlest scholars miss out as pre-K cut in many districts
July 2, 2012, Austin American-Statesman

Schools scramble to cover retest
July 1, 2012, Times Record News

Texas was braced for ruling on juveniles
July 1, 2012, San Antonio Express-News

Texas must take advantage of Medicaid expansion
June 29, 2012, Houston Chronicle

For Uninsured in Texas, Ruling Adds Uncertainty
June 29, 2012, New York Times

San Antonio Food Bank to expand
June 21, 2012, San Antonio Express-News

STAAR's grading system criticized
June 19, 2012, Houston Chronicle

Study finds Texas lags in summer meals for children
June 19, 2012, Houston Chronicle

Texans Brace for Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling
June 18, 2012, The Texas Tribune

Nearly 1 in 5 Texas children have no health insurance
June 18, 2012, Killeen Daily Herald

In Texas, working poor families struggle to get ahead
June 17, 2012, Austin American-Statesman

Texas leaders split on health care ruling outcome, costs
June 17, 2012, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Good news: Texas incomes rise. Bad news: Near top in U.S. in Income Inequality
June 13, 2012, Houston Chron Blog: Texas on the Potomac

Small child has the pains of an 80-year-old man
June 6, 2012, My Fox Houston

Report finds 27% of Texas children at risk of going hungry
June 4, 2012, Blog: Texas Politics

Teens in Texas adult prision system get help
June 4, 2012, Houston Chronicle

S.A. children bearing brunt of cost cuts
June 3, 2012, San Antonio Express-News