Children’s Defense Fund and AMERIGROUP Launch 100% Campaign with Alief ISD to Enroll Uninsured Children in Health Coverage

Children’s Defense Fund and AMERIGROUP Launch 100% Campaign with Alief ISD to Enroll Uninsured Children in Health Coverage

Houston, TX–The Children's Defense Fund - Texas and AMERIGROUP Community Care have partnered to expand the 100% Campaign into the Alief Independent School District.

CDF’s 100% Campaign identifies uninsured children and actively works with parents to enroll eligible children in health coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Children’s Medicaid. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation, with 1.5 million children lacking health coverage. About half of uninsured children in Texas are currently eligible for CHIP or Medicaid, which covers doctor visits, dental and vision services, prescriptions, and other important benefits.

The campaign identifies uninsured students through school enrollment forms which now include a question about the medical insurance status of each student. Parents and other guardians whose students are identified as uninsured are then contacted by 100% Campaign staff to receive help and information about applying for children’s health coverage through CHIP, Medicaid or alternative healthcare resources.

During a pilot project in the Houston Independent School District, the 100% Campaign identified 17,000 uninsured children during its first 10 months of operation. The campaign has been hailed a national best practice by the American Association of School Administrators, which is distributing information to superintendents across the country.

Barbara Best, the Texas executive director of the Children’s Defense Fund, said, “We are eager to expand the 100% Campaign to Harris County school districts. The 100% Campaign provides a systematic way of identifying uninsured children and linking them with health coverage. With the expansion of this successful campaign into Alief ISD, we are on the way to enrolling every eligible Harris County child in health coverage.”

Aurora Mitchell, CEO of AMERIGROUP in Houston, is proud to collaborate with Children’s Defense Fund as they expand this campaign to Alief Independent School District. “AMERIGROUP’s mission is to improve the lives of underserved Americans and as such, we are excited to collaborate with the Children’s Defense Fund and to support their programs to decrease the number of children who do not have healthcare coverage,” said Mitchell.

Alief Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Louis Stoerner said that the campaign would help to improve the health and education of students. “Enrolling uninsured children in health coverage will improve the learning and achievement of students because fewer kids will miss school due to illness or lack of healthcare. This is a winwin proposition for students and for our district as a whole.”

CHIP and Medicaid provide low-cost or no-cost health coverage to uninsured children in low to moderate income families. For example, a family of four may qualify if they earn less than $44,100 this year. Families pay no more than $50 a year in premiums to cover all their children and benefits include regular check‐ups, immunizations, hospitalization, surgery, x‐rays, prescription drugs, dental, vision and mental health services.

To apply for CHIP or Medicaid, please call toll‐free 1‐877‐KIDS‐NOW or download an application from the internet at

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