CDF-Texas Releases New Report: Shows State Business Community’s Opposition to Legislature’s Drastic Cuts to Child Health Safety Net

Texas Business Leaders Support CHIP & Medicaid: A Fiscally Responsible Investment

Austin, TX – Today, Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Texas released a new report, Texas Business Leaders Support Child Health: A Fiscally Responsible Investment. The document profiles statements made by the state’s leading Chambers of Commerce, prominent business leaders, hospitals and healthcare providers, economists and academics from across Texas presenting strong support for state investment in the health and welfare of Texas children. While the Texas Legislature is debating budget proposals that will result in drastic funding cuts for CHIP and Medicaid, this broad spectrum of leaders underscore the importance of preserving these critical safety net programs to the economic viability and future of our state. As the report concludes, “No group knows better about how to respect a bottom line than the state’s business community. During times of economic hardship, difficult decisions must be made, but balancing the budget by endangering children’s lives is neither a fiscally responsible, economically profitable, nor sustainable solution.” The report was made possible through financial support from Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

Download the report