Policy Priorities

Texas’ long-term prosperity depends upon all children having an equal chance to thrive and succeed. To that end, we champion state and local public policies that expand opportunities for every child to grow up healthy, with access to comprehensive health coverage; educated, with access to quality education in positive learning environments; and secure, living in stable families and safe neighborhoods.

Children's Health

Texas has more uninsured children and more uninsured people overall than any other state, and the second highest rate of uninsured children.

Children with health coverage have better access to needed care, live healthier lives, miss fewer days of school due to illness and perform better in school. Children whose parents are covered, are also more likely to get covered, stay covered and access needed health care services.

We lead statewide coalitions and campaigns in advocating for policies that ensure that all Texas children, regardless of their immigration status, race, ethnicity or family income, have access to the affordable, comprehensive health coverage and care they need to live, grow, learn, thrive and reach their potential.

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End Child Poverty

Texas is leaving more children in poverty than any other state, except California.

In America, one in five children are poor. In Texas, the rate is higher with 24.6 percent of children, or one in four, living in poverty.

We engage in research, policy analysis, and statewide coalition efforts to advocate for policies at the local, state, and federal levels that reduce child poverty. We support state legislation, budget actions, and local efforts to invest in policies and programs that increase employment and make work pay for parents and expand the social safety net to ensure children’s basic needs are met.

We recognize the need for policies that take a two-generation approach to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring children and their parents have access to affordable health care, as well as opportunities for quality early learning, high-performing schools, and families and neighborhoods free from violence.

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All students have a right to be educated in a positive, safe, and supportive learning environment.

We advance and promote data-driven research that highlights the impact that early learning has on a child’s life, as well as the impact of school climate and discipline policies have on student achievement. We advocate at the state and local level for greater investment and awareness of the importance of pre-K and for more positive and fair school discipline policies and practices in schools K-12.

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Justice for Youth

Juvenile incarceration is expensive and ineffective.

We champion innovative research, public policies and best practices that increase early intervention and prevention, rather than punishment. We empower communities to expand effective community based models that disrupt the Cradle to Prison Pipeline® crisis. We also work closely with systems leaders and other stakeholders to ensure that youth in the state's juvenile justice facilities receive fair, positive, and developmentally appropriate treatment.

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Children's Bill Watch

We support statewide legislation that helps ensure a level playing field for all children. We focus our efforts on bills that increase children’s access to health coverage, strengthen the social safety net, promote equity in public education and ensure justice for youth.