Randa was 18 when she arrived in the U.S. alone without any family from Yemen. After six long years of waiting, Randa's family had learned that all of their visa applications had been lost except for Randa's. Her father made the difficult decision to send Randa by herself in search of a better life. Randa was scared, torn from her beloved mother and siblings and only met the people she would be traveling with the same day they departed. In Houston, Randa found the culture was very different from anything she had ever known and she did not speak the language. She was forced to repeat high school and felt the constant humiliation of defending her older age to her peers. Financial support from her family ceased when her father back in Yemen became ill. She worked seven days a week at a family friend’s restaurant after school to earn enough money for rent. Randa took classes at night and on weekends to graduate from Lee High School in 3 years. She currently attends the University of Houston.