Growing up in a low-income community, Prentice Richmond has faced overwhelming hardship. For several years, he’s been responsible for finding his own food, clothing, supplies and a place to sleep. However, Prentice beat the odds and graduated from Lincoln High School. Despite the challenges he faces, Prentice believes in giving back to the community. He “sees so many people in need” and tells us “there are a lot of kids that can go down the wrong path, when they don’t have something to keep them busy.” Prentice Richmond was the captain of the Lincoln High School Varsity Football team and President of the Lincoln High Senior Class of 2010. He coordinated the Dallas Police Department’s Athletic League, reinforcing positive attitudes in other young people, and was selected as the Jr. NBA/WNBA Coach of the Year. Prentice also mentored and volunteered with Central Dallas Ministries. Prentice wants to follow in the footsteps of those that have inspired him and become a police officer, studying law enforcement at Texas A&M Commerce. Eventually, he hopes to be Chief of Police or a school principal.