Destiny's Story

The importance of protecting Medicaid: Destiny's storyDestiny Nolan Medicaid

Not every child has a guardian angel, but for eight year old Destiny, Houston-based Univision executive Debbie Donner comes pretty close.

Debbie and her husband have been fortunate to be able to provide for their own two children. One is an undergraduate, and the other completing advanced doctoral studies, both at excellent universities. Debbie recently contacted CDF-Texas with concern about another child, not her own, in desperate need of health care.

She writes, “Her name is Destiny and she's a beautiful, bright, eight-year-old girl who is in the gifted and talented program in school.  She is always happy and wherever I take her she brings smiles to people’s faces. She is a ray of sunshine." 

Destiny's primary caretaker is her grandmother who is close to 70 and lives on a very limited income.

"I have become her second family, stepping in to provide and enrich her childhood with things that her grandmother cannot afford. I have been helping them get connected to resources and navigate systems to give Destiny the best chance at success.”

Debbie explains that Destiny has asthma and eczema and relies on Medicaid to get the healthcare she needs.  A few weeks ago when Debbie picked Destiny up for a regular outing, she noticed the little girl was in pain and having difficulty breathing.

Tragically, a simple error in her paperwork caused Destiny to be dropped from Medicaid and Debbie wrote that they “have been truly experiencing the stress of what it feels like to not have health coverage in place to provide Destiny with the care she needs.” CDF-Texas was able to help get Destiny’s coverage restored and now, thanks to Medicaid, she's been able to see a regular pediatrician and avoid using the ER.

The health of our children is a key ingredient to keeping Texas strong for generations to come.  In order to ensure that children like Destiny can see a doctor when they get sick, the Congressional "super committee" must act to protect Medicaid before their Thanksgiving deadline.

Debbie pleads, “If Medicaid is important to you, please call Congressman Jeb Hensarling and let him know how you feel. Tell him Medicaid matters to you. My story is about 1 child. There are 3 million Texas children who's livelihoods depend on the lifesaving healthcare provided by Medicaid and CHIP.”

For kids' sake and the sake of our shared long-term economic strength and prosperity, join parents and other guardians like Debbie and let your voice be heard!     

Send Congress a message to make children a priority in the budget battles ahead and help us to protect Medicaid for children like Destiny.
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