Paige and Mia's Story

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Husband and father of three, Clay Boatright is deeply grateful for the life-saving support that Medicaid provides. He and his wife have come very close to losing their family over the physical, financial, and exasperating emotional strain that can occur when caring for loved ones with severe disabilities.

"My wife and I had finally come to a conclusion we had wanted to avoid, that we were no longer able to care for our own children.

At the time, our 11 year old daughter was a typically developing pre-teen involved in traditional kid activities.  Our challenge, however, was our 8 year old identical twins who both have severe intellectual disabilities and autism.  Unable to speak or even use the bathroom, prone to meltdowns and hurting those around them, the daily care for our twins had reached a tipping point that we could no longer handle.

Though they were in school during the day and my wife was at home in the afternoons, the frustrations, arguments, financial and emotional stress on our family had become overwhelming.

While our children sat on decades-long waiting lists for help, and with no other options available, I started making phone calls in search of a place that would take our twins.  Through that process I learned about funds available to provide respite support for families like ours.  We were accepted and those funds provided the support we needed until our girls became eligible for help through a Texas Medicaid-waiver program.

Their current Medicaid-waiver program is literally the glue which holds our family together.  We have no family or friends nearby who can help, and could not afford this support otherwise.  Most importantly, my wife and I are thankful for our family and the opportunity for our children to be raised by the parents who love them most."

Medicaid not only provides life-saving support to disabled children and adults, but saves families from being torn apart. Medicaid helps families remain stable, uplifted, productive and positive forces in our communities.

More than half of uninsured Texas children are currently eligible but not enrolled in Medicaid. Nearly 2 million uninsured Texas adults (many of them parents) would qualify for Medicaid if Texas would accept federal funds available to provide an affordable coverage option.